About HPWM

We are an all volunteer organization and recently celebrated our 8th birthday!

Much of our untold Montana history is slipping away daily with the generation of women who lived it. It is urgent that these stories be captured, preserved, shared, and celebrated! The diverse women of the High Plains, past and present… What are their everyday life stories?

For eight years, our passion has been to actively share answers to this question with youth and the elderly through interactive family festivities, personal storytelling, vintage fashion shows, ethnic exhibits, Indian powwows with live drummers and dancing, Mexican dancers, Hawaiian music & dance, Oriental hands-on crafts, and skill-building activities that highlight all the racial groups.


Here at the High Plain’s Women’s Museum, we work collaboratively with others to capture true stories about the everyday lives of women, Native American, Hispanic, Black, Asian, European-American, past & present, because we believe their stories have not been collected, preserved, honored and shared like they deserve to be.

We have worked with schools:

  • MSU-Billings’s Women’s Studies program
  • Rocky Mountain College’s Montana History
  • K-12 Schools

And other organizations:

  • Our Montana, Inc.
  • Girl Scouts
  • Boy Scouts
  • 4-H Clubs
  • Boys & Girls Clubs
  • Montana Historical Society
  • and many others

Celebrations & Achievements

~Joan Galles and Landmarks Collections

~Permanent displays representing five racial cultures

~Family and personal stories, heirlooms, collections, artifacts

~Speakers Bureau

~Women’s History Month (March): Public Programs each week featuring Women of Diversity Past or Present: Indian, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Caucasian Speakers, Music, Dancing, Food, Crafts

~Crow Indian Powwows with Drummers & Dancing

~Artwalks featuring artists, photographers

Who We Are

Our Mission

To continually discover stories, create interpretive displays, and educate the public about the legacy bequeathed to us all by the diverse Women of the High Plains.

Our Passion

To honor and share this valuable treasury, and to enhance awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity through education and exposure that will help everyone in the community, especially our youth, to be good citizens in the multicultural world of the future.

“(Y)our information is priceless…. Students… learn much that they would otherwise never know… Some of the presentations offered by students you have worked with are among the best that I have had here on campus. You help them to bring fascinating information onto the campus.”

-Professor Lisa Kemmerer

English/philosophy department

MSU-B Billings, MT